This Notice is made to supplement the information brief about Cookies and forms part of the Privacy Policy of this Web Site, which contains all the information required by article 13 of the Privacy Code as well as the General Provision of the Privacy Guarantor released on May 8, 2014.

Users can express their consent to the use of cookies by continuing the navigation of the Web Site, or by performing an action scroll, by clicking on the link inside the site pages, or by clicking on the “x” of the information brief, as provided by the decision of the Authority for the protection of Personal Data no. 229 of 8 May 2014.

A cookie is a small text file created on the user computer every time he accesses to a specific site with the purpose of storing and recording information.

Cookies are sent from a server to the browser of each user and consequently on user computer. They are then sent back to the website at the time of subsequent visits and serve to enhance the browsing experience, making it personalized.

A cookie will typically contain the name of the website from which the cookie comes from, the life span of the cookies (or how long it will remain on the user’s device) and a value, which is usually a unique number generated randomly. Every subsequent visit cookies are sent back to the website that originated them (first-party cookies) or another site that recognizes them (third-party cookies).

Cookies are useful because they allow a website to recognize the user’s device and have different purposes such as, for example, allow you to navigate between pages efficiently, remembering your favorite sites and, in general, improve the browsing experience. They also help to ensure that the advertising content displayed online are more targeted to a user and to his interests.

If a user chooses to disable cookies, this may affect and / or limit the browsing experience, for example, might not be able to visit certain sections or may not receive personalized information for his experience navigation.
This Web site,, mainly uses the so called “technical”cookies with respect to which, pursuant to art. 122 of the Code and the Privacy Authority Provision of 8 May 2014, user acceptance is not required.

More precisely, this site uses “technical” cookies, necessary for user navigation. Among them, there is a cookie that, recognizing the user, prevent the banner containing the short information about cookies to reappear after the first visit.

A few third-party cookies are also installed on this website, which are activated by clicking “OK” on the banner. These cookies are activated by the use of buttons and widgets related to social networks (eg Facebook and Twitter) and allow users, while browsing, to interact directly with the social platforms with just one click.

Links below provide the information about the use of data by each Social Network related to social buttons on this site:


Notice that data processing on this site is done through automated systems, without any disclosure or communication of data.

Except for “technical”cookies, strictly necessary for the normal browsing, the provision of data is always left to the will of the user who decides to browse the site after having read the brief information contained in the banner and to use the functionalities provided by the cookies.

All Internet browsers are initially set to accept cookies automatically, but the user can change these settings to block cookies or to be alerted whenever cookies are sent to a device.
There are several ways to manage cookies, to this end, refer to the help screen of your browser to learn how to adjust or change the browser settings.

To remove cookies from the Internet browser of your smartphone / tablet you should refer to the user manual of the device.
Links below provide information on how each Browser manages cookies and site data:

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By sending a request to the email, the party concerned may apply at any time the rights of art. 7 of Legislative Decree no. June 30, 2003. 196, as provided @ the following link.