More than just a company, a micro-industry. Alimenta takes the highest quality Sardinian sheep milk and whey and processes it to obtain powdered products, combining the unique natural properties with the benefit of a long shelf life and high solubility.

The outcome is an integrated system capable of exploiting 100% of locally available resources: from quality farmers to the production of traditional age-old dairy products and recovery of sheep whey. Quality, nature and innovation: the ingredients used by Alimenta.

Sheep milk and whey are collected from local manufacturers of typical DOP cheeses such as Pecorino Sardo and Pecorino Romano.

The production cycle ensures the highest standards of efficacy and safety. From traceability of the raw materials used to theirprocessing by means of avant-garde technological systems.

From the constant monitoring of incoming goods, production line and end products.

Moreover, Alimenta actively takes part in biotechnology research and development projects and promotion of the traditional uses for sheep milk and whey, in conjunction with European universities and other scientific partners.



During more than 60 years the liquid sheep milk has been out of our nutrition habits. Now sheep milk is supported by scientific studies that show its outstanding characteristics.
Through a quick video we would like to introduce you to a food full of nutrients, digestive and tasty, capable of helping to improve, in a natural way, the wellbeing and health of the people”. (From Guide for the Use of sheep milk for helth – elaborated by Leche Gaza and written by Eva Martínez Serrano)

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