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The dairy sector and Brexit: the consequences

Brexit, i.e. the departure of the United Kingdom from the EU, raises questions about the future for both the UK and Europe. And the issue is not purely financial as immediate problems may regard the markets, particularly the agricultural and food sectors and therefore also the dairy sector. The UK, in
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Sardinian shepherds against sheep milk price cut

Triggered by the 30% cut in sheep milk prices compared to the previous year, on June 19 this year thousands of Sardinian shepherds along with their sheep and tractors mobilised themselves to defend their work, animals, cattle sheds and pastures which have been looked after by generations of people exposed
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Sheep milk and cheese to fight cancer

Sheep milk and cheese are good for your health. The myth that in the past also associated sheep milk with the onset of cardiovascular and arteriosclerosis problems has been dispelled. The opposite is true. Apparently 200 grammes of Pecorino a week reduces the risk of developing arteriosclerosis by 40% thanks
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New Zealand sheep milk: a pool of experts to boost exports

AgResearch has presented the initial results of two years of a research programme led by Linda Samuelsson entitled "Boosting exports of the emerging NZ dairy sheep industry". The programme has benefitted from $6 million of funding and has completely analysed the sector including best practice zootechnical effluent management. Milk produced in
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Five good reasons why one should consume sheep milk

Sheep milk is certainly well-known for its special qualities, its original flavour and the fact that it is truly unique and precious being a thousand-year old agricultural tradition of the Mediterranean region. But why is it really important to consume sheep milk? There are at least five reasons The first reason is
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