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Sheep milk: Sardinia anxious about the price collapse

According to Coldiretti, the situation being experienced by the dairy sheep and goat sector in Sardinia is serious, with sheep milk fetching less than 60 cents per litre. Coldiretti has expressed its intention to organize a demonstration, driven by what has been defined as the 'bluff' of sheep milk overproduction.
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President of China visits Sardinia

A short but fruitful stay for President of China in Sardinia last November 16th, for what was supposed to be just a staging area but ended up being a non-official meeting with Italian premier Matteo Renzi. An informal yet important vis-à-vis between the two political leaders. Chinese president’s presence in Sardinia
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Alimenta: a joint-venture with Blue River Dairy to consolidate itself in the Chinese sheep and goat milk market

Sardinian products and ingredients made from sheep and goats are increasingly present in China. What is more, the agreement signed between Alimenta and Blue River Dairy, a well-established Chinese manufacturer from the sheep and goat infant formula sector, represents another important step in reinforcing the Sardinian company in Asia's biggest market. The objective of
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A digital milk meter for sheep from Sardinia

Villanovafranca in the province of Cagliari has recently been home to the world premiere trial of a digital milk meter. The function of a digital milk meter is to measure milked sheep milk and analyse its fat content. This experiment was started on the initiative of the Regional Farmers’ Association of Sardinia (ARA
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Sardinian shepherds against sheep milk price cut

Triggered by the 30% cut in sheep milk prices compared to the previous year, on June 19 this year thousands of Sardinian shepherds along with their sheep and tractors mobilised themselves to defend their work, animals, cattle sheds and pastures which have been looked after by generations of people exposed
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