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China-Sweden technological innovation in the dairy sector

Technological innovation in the dairy sector goes hand in hand with market transformation and takes into account consumer demands and geographical areas. There are several companies worldwide that carry out research and develop new production and processing techniques, with a particular focus on food safety and the environment. One, for example,
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Italian milk looks to conquer the Chinese market

Chinese consumer tastes are changing. After the milk powder boom, it's now the moment of packaged milk and cheese. This is according to CLAL, a consulting firm based in Modena that operates in the dairy sector. Compared to previous years there has been a significant decline in Chinese imports of whole milk
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Restrictions in China on infant milk powder brands

There has been a crackdown in China on the number of imported infant milk powder brands and the first 'victim' could be New Zealand, China's main supplier. This is all due to China's major revision of its food safety legislation last October which obliges milk powder manufacturers to register their
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New Zealand milk powder exports to China boom

Imported milk powder is today one of China's most popular products and has led to a surge in New Zealand milk powder exports. Chinese consumers are extremely loyal and want to be sure the product they are buying is from New Zealand or Australia; brands sold by main producers for
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