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The China Project, an outdated study

There’s been a lot of talk about the ethics of a diet that includes milk and dairy products, since the 70s, with plenty of studies aimed to evaluate advantages and issues, and sometimes to totally repeal the virtues. This is the case for The China Study, a study published by
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Will milk-based films replace plastic?

Plastic packaging for food may soon be replaced by film made from milk protein – and it is even edible. We're talking about a new generation of biodegradable, edible and non-polluting packaging that has been developed by the US Department of Agriculture and presented at the National Meeting & Exposition of
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Five good reasons why one should consume sheep milk

Sheep milk is certainly well-known for its special qualities, its original flavour and the fact that it is truly unique and precious being a thousand-year old agricultural tradition of the Mediterranean region. But why is it really important to consume sheep milk? There are at least five reasons The first reason is
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