De-seasonalization of sheep’s milk  
Main Goals:  Consolidation, modernization and diversification of production systems

The project carried out regards the implementation of an innovative process within the existing business. The new process consists in the controlled treatment of sheep’s milk, through a freezing and subsequent thawing process, with the aim of placing sheep’s milk on the market or in the production cycle in periods in which its availability is zero or limited. In this way we intend to solve the problem of the seasonality of sheep’s milk.

Project Code        PSL00544
Project Title        De-seasonalization of sheep’s milk
Domanda         DOM00307
CUP                                   E87F14000030007
Project amount    € 234.023,76
Granted amount    € 152.115,44
Source    POR FESR 2014 – 2020. Asse III – “Progetti di Filiera e di Sviluppo Locale nelle aree di crisi e nei territori svantaggiati (PFSL)

Starting date        18/12/2013
Finishing date        18/12/2014
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