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Milk powder, prices decrease in Oceania

The two major countries in Oceania are still seeing mixed results. Milk production in Australia, in January, decreased by 5,9% compared to the same month of last year. (data Clal) On the other hand, favorable weather conditions in fall in New Zealand might favor a better-than-expected milk production. As for butter, minimum price
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The yogurt lactobacillus to fight depression

Could depression, the “dark evil” affecting more and more people worldwide, be cured with yogurt? It looks like it could. The disease might be treated thanks to appropriate changes in diet in order to act on the liver’s microflora. This is the result of a study conducted by the Virginia University
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Oceania, negative data for milk production

A decidedly negative period for two of the major Countries in Oceania, Australia and New Zealand. In Australia, Murray Goulburn, one of the major Australian milk processing companies, keeps reporting financial losses referred to the period July - December 2016, in view of a 5% decrease in collected milk (source: In
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Sheep milk mozzarella is unique to Italy

Mozzarella from sheep milk is not simple to make for various reasons which are purely technical: the variability of sheep milk, its acidification and the maturation of the curd. And yet in Italy there are people who have got heavily involved in the production of what is defined by those
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Whey for denaturizing asbestos

Destroying asbestos using whey and producing CO2 and other harmless and marketable elements? It can be done. It is a real godsend for a country like Italy, hit by serious shortages: according to the Department of Production Installations and Anthropic Settlements (DIPIA) of Inail, in June 2013 there were only
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Milk production in South America is falling

In recent months the dairy sector in South America has been affected by unstable weather conditions which have caused extensive damage. In Argentina, for exampe, milk production is continuing to decline partly due to the large number of cows that have died following recent flooding. The weather has now improved, especially in
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