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Sardinian shepherds against sheep milk price cut

Triggered by the 30% cut in sheep milk prices compared to the previous year, on June 19 this year thousands of Sardinian shepherds along with their sheep and tractors mobilised themselves to defend their work, animals, cattle sheds and pastures which have been looked after by generations of people exposed
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Good prospects for yoghurt in India

Yoghurt is starting to boom in India with the market registering an annual growth rate of almost 30% between 2011 and 2015. This trend is expected to continue or even accelerate in the next five years with a total value that is estimated at around $1 billion in 2021. The benefits
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Dairy prices rise in Oceania

Dairy prices are rising in the countries of Oceania albeit unevenly. In Australia the increase is also due to the weather which has been characterised by rainfall throughout the southern regions and dryness and drought in the north. This has brought relief to milk manufacturers in the south given that
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