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Strong growth in Chinese imports of dairy products

Chinese imports are practically booming. During the month of July the following products increased in volume: infant formula (+63.8%), cheese (+36.6%), packaged milk (+27.8%), cream (+88%), butter (+33.6%) and whole milk powder (+4.9%). Whey powder and skimmed milk powder decreased however by 4.1% and 26.9% respectively. These figures confirm the market’s
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EU-28 exports of milk and cream are booming

In the first half of 2016 EU exports of milk and cream increased by 45% compared to the same period the previous year. June also registered double-digit growth (20.4%). Since May last year a surprising export market for these products has been Belarus, which saw the volumes it imported increase by
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New Zealand dairy exports hit record high in June

Compared to the same period the previous year, in June this year New Zealand dairy exports increased in volume with regard to the following products: whey powder (+180.4%), infant formula (+133.7%), skimmed milk powder (+69.4%), cheese (+35.2%), butter (+25.2%), whole milk powder (+15.6%) and casein (+3.9%). Infant formula exports continue to
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Why sheep milk is Mediterranean ‘par excellence’

Sheep milk is Mediterranean par excellence as it has always been consumed in this region and as a result Italians have perfectly adapted to it. The milk of small ruminants, particularly species of sheep, is of significant economic interest in the Mediterranean basin which accounts for roughly 73% of world
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A report on the infant formula market

The Global Infant Formula Market Report 2016 has been released. It comprises 54 pages, 5 tables and 44 charts and provides complete data on the artificial milk market and its various segments, as well as the main trends and issues to be addressed. It also focuses on the activities of
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A digital milk meter for sheep from Sardinia

Villanovafranca in the province of Cagliari has recently been home to the world premiere trial of a digital milk meter. The function of a digital milk meter is to measure milked sheep milk and analyse its fat content. This experiment was started on the initiative of the Regional Farmers’ Association of Sardinia (ARA
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