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Sheep milk and cheese to fight cancer

Sheep milk and cheese are good for your health. The myth that in the past also associated sheep milk with the onset of cardiovascular and arteriosclerosis problems has been dispelled. The opposite is true. Apparently 200 grammes of Pecorino a week reduces the risk of developing arteriosclerosis by 40% thanks
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New Zealand sheep milk: a pool of experts to boost exports

AgResearch has presented the initial results of two years of a research programme led by Linda Samuelsson entitled "Boosting exports of the emerging NZ dairy sheep industry". The programme has benefitted from $6 million of funding and has completely analysed the sector including best practice zootechnical effluent management. Milk produced in
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Sardinian sheep’s wool for healthy seas

On March 22 of this year the project-cum-workshop “Biolanclean innovative products made of 100% pure wool from sheep native to Sardinia as a means to absorb and biodegrade petroleum hydrocarbons” was presented as a world premiere in Cagliari. It is a topical issue as operational spills, i.e. the refuelling of vessels
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Restrictions in China on infant milk powder brands

There has been a crackdown in China on the number of imported infant milk powder brands and the first 'victim' could be New Zealand, China's main supplier. This is all due to China's major revision of its food safety legislation last October which obliges milk powder manufacturers to register their
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Whey to be used in a biogas plant in England

Does the world's largest biogas plant run on whey? The answer is yes. Developed from a renovated existing plant which has had a nitrogen and phosphorus recovery system added to it, this new plant is located in a dairy owned by Dairy Crest Group in Aspatria, a rural town of just 3,000
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Pecorino is the star of Italian exports for 2015

Pecorino cheese is the true ambassador of Italian exports. It is up by a superb 23% - seven times more than the average increase of the country's exports, which remains stable at +3.5%. The top buyers are the Americans (+28%), followed by the English (+22%) and the French (+16%). Good performance
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