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President of China visits Sardinia

A short but fruitful stay for President of China in Sardinia last November 16th, for what was supposed to be just a staging area but ended up being a non-official meeting with Italian premier Matteo Renzi. An informal yet important vis-à-vis between the two political leaders. Chinese president’s presence in Sardinia
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The great race for the milk market in Asia

For Australian milk exporters there are big question marks on the horizon regarding maintenance of their market share in the 'neighbouring' Chinese and Southeast Asian markets. A real battle is underway for the division of the hugely desirable Asian cake. This is what has emerged from a report on milk exports
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Obesity: milk and cheese? They help you lose weight

Do milk and cheese prevent obesity, or rather, are they able to fight it? It would appear so according to a Chinese study carried out by Weijing Wang, Yili Wu and Dongfeng Zhang of the Department of Epidemiology and Health Statistics at the Medical College of Qingdao University. The study has been
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Sheep milk: Characteristics, unique features and problems of a one-of-a-kind product

Sheep milk means Mediterranean basin, the geographical area in which this food’s history unfolded. A robust milk, ideal for cheese-making, used to make some of world’s most flavorsome cheeses. And Italy is no exception: the nation’s gastronomical tradition sees a sensibly higher incidence of sheep milk dairy products compared to dairy made
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New Zealand sheep milk powder for Taiwan

New Zealand sheep milk powder (also known as Ewe milk powder) has been launched in Taiwan and is the first of its kind on the market. Its name is Spring Sheep. New Zealand company Spring Sheep Milk, which started the new venture, is in partnership with the state-owned enterprise Landcorp and milks
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