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Chinese demand for finished dairy products is on the rise

In August this year imports of the following dairy products increased in volume compared to the same month the previous year: cheese (+63.9%), infant formula (+34.8%), butter (+34.6%), whey powder (+31.9%), milk and cream (+30.5%) and whole milk powder (+20.6%). However, skimmed milk powder decreased (-18.9%). If we consider the first eight months of this year (January-August), the largest increases
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The many virtues of whey

Not many people know much about whey. Everyone knows it exists but only a few people know what it is used for and why it is good for you. First and foremost, whey has purifying and detoxifying properties, it is easily digestible and it helps keep the gut healthy. It is
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Will milk-based films replace plastic?

Plastic packaging for food may soon be replaced by film made from milk protein – and it is even edible. We're talking about a new generation of biodegradable, edible and non-polluting packaging that has been developed by the US Department of Agriculture and presented at the National Meeting & Exposition of
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New Zealand milk versus Chinese steel

Not always do free trade agreements signify open and receptive markets. One only need look at the Chinese steel and New Zealand milk case. In 2008 China and New Zealand signed the China-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (FTA). Recently China has threatened to reduce imports of milk and fruit from
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SheepToShip LIFE – Sardinia is transforming itself into a sustainability workshop

The SheepToShip LIFE project is underway. Sardinia is transforming itself into an experimental laboratory on the eco-sustainability of farming systems in Europe. Its objective is ambitious: to identify and implement innovative solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the meat industry and Sardinian dairy sheep industry in order to improve
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