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A report on the infant formula market

The Global Infant Formula Market Report 2016 has been released. It comprises 54 pages, 5 tables and 44 charts and provides complete data on the artificial milk market and its various segments, as well as the main trends and issues to be addressed. It also focuses on the activities of
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A digital milk meter for sheep from Sardinia

Villanovafranca in the province of Cagliari has recently been home to the world premiere trial of a digital milk meter. The function of a digital milk meter is to measure milked sheep milk and analyse its fat content. This experiment was started on the initiative of the Regional Farmers’ Association of Sardinia (ARA
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Who is sheep milk recommended for?

Sheep milk is a precious food which is particularly recommended in certain periods of life when nutritional requirements change. The mention of milk immediately brings to mind calcium. Calcium is essential for creating bone tissue, preventing bone loss, regulating the function of the nervous system and it is also involved
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Sheep milk is a functional food

Sheep milk can for all intents and purposes be considered a functional food or one belonging to that category which, if consumed as part of a balanced diet, has a potentially positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition due to the fact that it lowers the risk of certain diseases. For
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Increasing feeding costs for dairy cows

Feeding costs are one of the biggest problems for dairy farmers. It was the summer of 2012 when breeders of the project ‘S/stema Stalla’, which was created to measure the competitiveness of Italian dairy farms, pointed out an increase in the cost of soya and in general in the protein
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The dairy sector and Brexit: the consequences

Brexit, i.e. the departure of the United Kingdom from the EU, raises questions about the future for both the UK and Europe. And the issue is not purely financial as immediate problems may regard the markets, particularly the agricultural and food sectors and therefore also the dairy sector. The UK, in
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