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Pecorino is the star of Italian exports for 2015

Pecorino cheese is the true ambassador of Italian exports. It is up by a superb 23% - seven times more than the average increase of the country's exports, which remains stable at +3.5%. The top buyers are the Americans (+28%), followed by the English (+22%) and the French (+16%). Good performance
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Whey – a 13.5 billion dollar market in 2020

According to a study carried out by BBC Research in Wellesley (USA), the global whey protein market will reach $13.5 billion in 2020 from $9.2 billion in 2015, reflecting an annual growth rate of 6.5%. The report provides a comprehensive overview of the global whey protein market and an analysis of
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Canadian milk exports drop in value and volume

Canadian milk exports are falling sharply due to the drastic reduction in global prices and declining demand. One of the reasons for this decrease, particularly as far as skimmed milk powder is concerned, is the large quantity of products purchased by China, which mainly imports from New Zealand. As a
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Diverging prospects for the African dairy market

The sub-Saharan African dairy market will be “a game of two halves” in coming years, with West Africa seeing sustained growth in demand for imports. This is according to Rabobank analyst Kevin Bellamy who d믭 Africa “the next frontier for dairy”, but with the following distinctions: protectionism and local interests will
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