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New Zealand milk powder exports to China boom

Imported milk powder is today one of China's most popular products and has led to a surge in New Zealand milk powder exports. Chinese consumers are extremely loyal and want to be sure the product they are buying is from New Zealand or Australia; brands sold by main producers for
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Whey is effective against diabetes

Whey, which is obtained from the process of cheese making, can help people suffering from Type 2 diabetes as it would appear that its consumption increases insulin production and lowers blood glucose levels. A study carried out by Wolfson Medical Center in Holon, Israel, has confirmed this and the effectiveness of
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Five good reasons why one should consume sheep milk

Sheep milk is certainly well-known for its special qualities, its original flavour and the fact that it is truly unique and precious being a thousand-year old agricultural tradition of the Mediterranean region. But why is it really important to consume sheep milk? There are at least five reasons The first reason is
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