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New analytical methods to test infant formula

Eight new analytical methods intended to test vitamins and other nutritional components of the infant formula will help to verify if what declared by the producers about the content is true. Milk for children needs to contain essential nutritional components (such as vitamins and minerals) for a proper growth and a
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United States, the Pecorino Romano rocks

Americans like the Pecorino Romano. This is what emerges from data contained in a  report published by the Consorzio di Tutela. (Consortium for the protection). The figures of the US customs confirms this statement. According to the US customs, imports has increased of 17%. Also the Coldiretti underlines these data and adds more
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In Sardinia milk is antibiotics free

Sardinian milk is antibiotic free. It means that the product that is sold, supplied and transformed doesn´t contain any antibiotic. In fact, if, after the milking, the product is contaminated, it has a different usage destination: the production of biogas. These assurances come from the technicians of the Regional Association
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In the US dairy producers win over the digital natives

Spreading trust and knowledge among young consumers. This is the goal of a promotional initiative 'Acres + Avenues', that, as the name itself suggests, tries to forster communication between countryards and US cities, as well as between dairy producers and the  Millennials generation.This is a checkoff marketing action, funded through
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