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Global or deglobalized milk market?

While the European Union abolishes milk quota and the North America negotiates the transatlantic treaty on commerce and investments with Europe and Pacific countries, Russia stops all the imports and China reduces purchases, so that the price of milk falls down. This is what we can learn from the website
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Skimmed milk? We make it with ultrasounds

Thanks to a research project made by the  Swinburne University of Technology in Australia and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (Csiro), the ultrasound waves will be used to separate the fats in the whole milk. In other words, to make skimmed milk. This technic will make it possible to
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Europe supports dairy industry through BEI

The European Parlament recently showed its commitment to the dairy industry. This time the occasion was a festival organised bu the European Farmers Organisation, Copa. The main topic of the festival was the decreasing prices of milk, which won't cover the production costs. It is, so, necessary to take actions in
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