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Alternative uses of skim milk powder for value-added products

Due to a steady decrease of the price of skim milk powder (SMP) in the international market, the main actors in this sector need to find an alternative solution to the exceeding offer. Analysts consider this sector to be under pressure, with a decreasing demand even in the next trimesters. This is an additional reason to find soon new scopes for the exceeding milk.
Milk is broadly considered to be the perfect drink, because it is reach in fundamental nutritional components: carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins. This makes milk a well demanded ingredient for more complex types of food. Especially the skim milk powder is often used by the dairy industry to make yogurt, dessert and cheese creams. Powder milk is also used when cooked, because of its capacity to absorb water, in order to make soup, sweet products and combined food. Its high nutritional quality, its versatility, all these features make it adapt to different usages. Some examples follow.
Skim milk powder re-energised. Thanks to the long and stable last, the small space needed for the stocking and the high nutritional value, this product is preferred in many regions where the climate conditions are not favorable or places in special conditions (such as conflicts, natural disasters, plagues). This product, in fact, can be used at any time to replace the liquid milk.
Skim milk powder combined. If combined with water and fat, the powder of the milk can be used to replace the liquid milk or the milk cream.
Milk chocolate. This product not only provide a light taste, but also helps to control the crystallization of the sucrose (thanks to the lactose contained) and can be easily combined with water, which produces the typical consistency of the chocolate bar. The solid structure and the higher stability of the powder milk allow the product to better sustain the process temperatures.
Food and drinks based on malt. During the preparation, the use of PSM is preferred. These types of food are appreciated because the represent a reach source of carbohydrates and provide the right amount of minerals and vitamins A and B.
Bakery products. Usually used for making bread, cakes and sandwich, powder milk adds nutritional value, improve the taste and increase the capacity to link to water, so that the bakery product can remain more fresh for longtime. When the milk is used for the preparation of cakes, it improves the consistency and the stability of dough. These are only few of the possible usages of the exceeding powder milk. In any case, it is innovation which plays a key role for the survival and the growth in this sector. Commercial pressures are the trigger, so the idea of combined milk and its usage for the preparation of other types of food (dairy products, desserts and so on) is becoming popular in the main producer countries.