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In Sardinia milk is antibiotics free

Sardinian milk is antibiotic free. It means that the product that is sold, supplied and transformed doesn´t contain any antibiotic. In fact, if, after the milking, the product is contaminated, it has a different usage destination: the production of biogas. These assurances come from the technicians of the Regional Association of Farmers (ARAS) who monitor almost the 100% of cow milk and about 70% of sheeps´and goats one’.
The monitoring of the productions in the island is based on fixed procedures. Accuracy is guaranteed by the intervention of several actors (the zootechnical institute, Asl, Aras and dairy companies) that use cross checks, in order to avoid mistakes or doubts. “We are one of the most virtuous region, thanks to a tested checks system that guarantees the health of consumers“, says Ignazio Ibba, section head in charge of the analysis lab of Aras.
The assistance program for members is composed of two interdependent levels: on one hand the check of the milk and on the other hand the prevention and information for farmers. “The success is evident and proved by numbers: today we are the only ones who can guarantee and certify the production of healthy, safe and high-quality milk and meat, coming from natural farms where the well-being of animals is respected”, explains the director of the Association, Marino Contu.
The check system is divided into several phases in order to better guarantee the safety of each food. “Every month – says Ibba – the milk of every single farmer is analyzed twice, while the milk coming from tanks is checked daily. In case antibiotics are found, we send in less than 24 hours a letter to the producer and the Asl (Local health assistance unit) in charge, which intervene to stop the production. The contaminated milk is, then, used for the biogas. It means it is 100% sure that the milk won’t be nor consumed or transformed into cheese”.
It is worth to remind that in the US (legal) procedures are used as far as medical products for farming are concerned. It is, for example, quite typical the usage of growth hormones, that is forbidden in Europe. The EU seems to be focused on the banning of the antibiotics. In Sardinia they are ready to this.