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United States, the Pecorino Romano rocks

Americans like the Pecorino Romano. This is what emerges from data contained in a  report published by the Consorzio di Tutela. (Consortium for the protection). The figures of the US customs confirms this statement. According to the US customs, imports has increased of 17%. Also the Coldiretti underlines these data and adds more information about the prices of the products, which is taking advantage of the steady increasing demand  and the favourable change rate euro-dollar. Thanks to the change, the products can gain 0.87 cents more than in 2014 for every kilo of cheese sold in the US.
The satisfaction of the president of the Consortium, Salvatore Palitta, is understandable. He explains: “Figures confirms the positive trend recorded in the last years. The american market is very important for our productions, which value every year is around 250 millions euro. We shouldn’t forget the importance of our island, since the pecorino romano is produced for about 95% in Sardinia. The remaining quota is produced in Lazio and the Grosseto area”.
Battista Cualbu, the president of Coldiretti Sardinia, takes inspiration from these promising data in order to put an end to what he calls “fairytales” on the negative trend of the sector, spread by people who speculate by spreading false news. During his speech at the Conference “Pastoralism yesterday, today and tomorrow”, he doesn’t spare any comments: “There is someone who wants to speculate on the market using terror campaign which aim to mark down the price of milk. They are clearly not able to understand the evolution of the sector, leaded by shepherds who were able to innovate it, with excellent productions and companies, which can compete worldwide. The producers themselves are not anymore as primitive as someone is used to see them and don’t wait the industrial man to dictate the price of the milk, but have learnt where to find reliable data and read the trend of the market”. He, then, present some figures: “The market says that the pecorino romano, not only is experiencing a positive trend in the internal market where, compared to one year ago, it costs about 50 cents more, but is also having a great success in foreign markets, where it represents 65% of its commercial value, and especially in the american one where more than 60% is consumed”.
In this context, it is also important what Palitta adds: “We are quite satisfied, even if recently someone has talked about an unreal decrease of prices. This data, not only isn’t true, but it could also have a negative influence on the market. Also for this reason we have urged the Prices Service of the Chamber of Commerce in Milan, that, few days ago, mentioned an unreal cost below 9 euro/kilo, to verify careful the data. We have signposted this anomaly because this could generate speculative effects with an uncontrolled decrease of selling prices. On the contrary, a regular realignment of prices linked to the news production took place.