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In the US dairy producers win over the digital natives

Spreading trust and knowledge among young consumers. This is the goal of a promotional initiative ‘Acres + Avenues‘, that, as the name itself suggests, tries to forster communication between countryards and US cities, as well as between dairy producers and the  Millennials generation.This is a checkoff marketing action, funded through a small tax on prices of the products, as it often happens in the US. The campaign started recently, with the launch of some funny educational videos that aimed to open a communication channel between young dairy producers and their urban peers. The target are  Millennials, that are, in fact, digital natives, the ones for whom internet, smartphones and computers haven’t any secrets. They search instant information in different channels and share them in socialmedia:  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on.
Optimizing the communication on social media is, then, one of the main goal of the dairy producers, wishing to share their stories and be in armony with a young audiance and connected all the time. “It is about to win over new generations and gain the trust of consumers in a different way. The goal is to guarantee to the producers the contact with “milk drinkers for the rest of their life”, said Ray Prock, a producer from California who works in the  National Dairy Promotion and Research Board.
Acres + Avenues‘ was created by the Dairy Management Inc. (DMI), which have in charge the national checkoff of the dairy products and reveals the values shared with milk producers and urban Millennials, also through thei job shadowing days for youngs, that is work experiences and training on the field (a combination which is very common in the US) which aim to show the fascination of dairy production. “Many people, especially the youngest people in cities, have no idea about our work in farms and they don’t know where the cheese they consume comes from”, explains  Paul Rovey, farmer from Arizona and president of DMI. “So, Acres + Avenues tries to cancell this informationa gap, through a range of short videos easy to share that show how milk producers work, how good they are in their job and how tasty their products are, try also to underline what they have in common with people from the city”. In the first episode, for example, a californian producer and a young entrepreneur who make guitars using recycled skateboard share the steps they took in order to make their activities sustainable. Other videos are of the same type, which have, as main characters, people from these two worlds who have, however, something in common. It is possible to find episodes at the address www.DairyGood.org/AcresAndAvenues. Also the audience is invited to take part in the next episodes.