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Agrinsieme: a plea to the government in support to farmers

“We are now in a crucial phase and farmers need concrete actions to support them and fair prices of raw materials. We are talking of a sector that, after thirty years of quota system, needs new assurances for the future and which prospectives in terms of salary are, today, unknown”. This is what Dino Scanavino, the national coordinator of the agreement that links Cia, Confagricoltura, Copagri and Aci agroalimentare (Agrinsieme) says. There are some actions included in the stability law promoted by the government – acknowledged by organisation’s members – which go to the right direction, but they are not considered enough. They make a comparison with France, which government voted more thenchant actions. This is a really special plan to support this industry. Both in Italy and in France the situation is very delicate, almost dramatic.
The zootechnics is suffering several problems, situational and not. The economic actor, despite of their struggles, are not able to takle them efficiently. The crisis is still a reality. Problems are known: prices cannot insure production costs, taxes don’t help and the instability of the value of raw materials makes the situation even worse. Also the meat sector is suffering, especially as long as raw materials are concerned, but it is also still dependent on foreign markets and has had inconvenient prices for longtime already. The situation is not better for dairy products, with the levels of originary prices which is decreasing dramatically in the last months and with agreements on prices which hardly get signed. Scanavino doesn’t spare his comments.
Briefly, this moment is crucial. Farmers are asking to institutions moretranchant actions, in line with those of the “french cousins”: more financial support and control of raw materials price. The need to be listened to and supported is strong, not to be facilitated, but mostly to keep working properly. Economical sustanability is essential in this context.