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From Expo to FICO: the very best of the food made in Italy goes to Bologna

From Milan to the Italian Farmers’ Factory (FICO) in Bologna: this is the short, but important adventure that italian food excellences have to face after the Expo. About forty actors, both companies and consortium, are leading the made in Italy and are ready to make their products in the first thematic food park which is being created in Bologna, an initiative organised by Eately World. FICO will show the excellences of the italian agroindustrial supply from the field to the table, for a permanent nutritional education project and the discovery of biodiversity.
Small and big traditional companies, but also innovative startups will participate in this sort of permanent market/showroom, producing “live”, in small labs, the most important products of the italian food tradition, not forgetting the supply: milk and animals, cereals, fruits, drinks, condiments, sweets.
The surface of the Factory is about 80 thousand square meters: one hectare of fields and demonstrative livestocks, about one hectare of markets and small shops, 40 labs for the transformation of raw materials, 20 restaurants, 10 rooms for the teaching sessions and 4 thousand square metres with conference halls for cultural events and training sessions related to the food industry. The choosen area is the CAAB, the fruit and vegetable market in Bologna: it is not a new building, but a sustainable reconversion, with no need to use a new portion of ground; the structure will be feeded through the biggest photovoltaic imstallation on roof in Europe. Outside it will be possible to visit cultivated fields and sheds hosting local animals. In the market it will be possible to buy high quality food, while in the small shops visitors will be able to taste wine produced in the Farmers’ Factories. Moreover, there will be temporary exhibitions related to our food tradition and some areas dedicated to the non-food, nature and italian style.

[In the picture, the press conference that took place in the Italy Pavillon at the Expo]