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Federalimentare and the Ministry of Environment: agreement on healthy nutrition

The dissamination of a correct food culture, the fight against obesity and other illnesses, the education of children for an healthy nutrition and life style and the promotion of informed choices concerning food: these are the main goals of the agreements signed by Federalimentare and the Ministry of Environment during the last weeks of the Expo. In order to achieve them, the two actors are aiming to a correct commercial communication and the improvement of the nutritional features of products.
The general recommendations are renown: balansed nutrition and constant physical activity since childhood in order to prevent illnesses and be healthy also in adulthood. Scodamaglia, president of Federalimentare, explains: “It is not usefull to demonise a single food, the model of the Mediterranean Diet, which contains all components in the right balance, is the most efficient answer against the spead of unhealthy life style”.
“The signature of the agreements with the Ministery of Health – keeps saying the president – contributes to the renewal of a good practice that the italian food industry has been freely promoting in years, both through its small companies and its associations, in order to provide its consumers from all over the world with safe, healthy and good food, without compromises. In this context, the priority, for everybody in this sector, is helping the consumers to make informed and safe choices, giving a correct information on products, raw material, consumption procedures and preservation“.
In the last decade, the main actors in this sector took several steps forward as long as the nutritional improvement of food is concerned: the nutritional profile of more than 4 thousand and 200 products has been updated, in the name of lightness. The investments for initiatives in the field of nutritional education, improvement of food, self-discipline concerning marketing and commercialisation of recommendations reached about 1 million euro. All these aspects would receive a new impulse after the recently signed agreements.