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The label “100% Sardegna” is born to guarantee the authenticity of products from Sardinia

Sardinia has its own label for authenticity and genuineness. This can be a crucial competitive advantage in the current phase, when consumers are more and more informed and aware and need reassurances as fas as quality and traceability are concerned. This is even more true when they buy traditional products. “100% Sardegna“, is the name that has been chosen the label recently presented at Expo. The goal of this operation is to value the “wine and food” heritage and guarantee unequivocally the origin.
This initiative was organised by the network of entreprises Gusto Sardegna, composed by actors of all sorts from the wine and food context. Specialities such as Pane Carasau, Seadas, Malloreddus and Cannonau – the most famous ones – but also cheeses, wines and spitirs, flours, bread, fresh and dry pastas, cookies and small cakes will have a unique label which guarantees 100% the origin and the authenticity. Also the renowned chef Roberto Petza, a sardinian pride, was engaged during the presentation organised at Expo to promote the new label. Petza, who works at the S’Apposentu restaurant, using all products from the companies involved in the initiative, presented a captivating show-cooking, followed by successful taste.
The Gusto Sardegna network began its activities withing Confindustria Sardegna Centrale in March 2013, having as a goal to support the companies involved, helping them to value their local quality productions and investing in high technology and innovation.