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CREA survey on yogurt consumer: health enthusiast, informed, sporty and … woman

Sporty, fitness oriented, well-informed about the wellness in his country. These are the typical characteristics of the italian yogurt consumer, highlighted in a survey of CREA (Council for research and analysis in agriculture) which has been published in the last issue of the ” “Mediterranean journal of nutrition and metabolism“. It also seems that especially women, adults and inhabitants of the north of Italy like yogurt.
The survey correlates data concerning 2798 italians between 18 and 97 years old with various variable, such as lifestyle, diet, sport activities, consumption of alcohol and cigarets, interest for nutrition. The goal of the survey was to define a socio-demographic picture of yogurt consumers and verify if, as it happends in other countries, this product is chosen by the most active and health enthusiast part of the population. The data seem to confirm this hyphotesis.
The 22,7% of regulat consumers (with an average daily intake of 90,4 gramme), in fact, has a healthier lifestyle compared to those who don’t consume it. Another relevant datum, concerning those who play phisical activities for at least two hours a week, is that those ones are the most yogurt enthusiast. Also a higher education, a good knowledge of the relation between food and health and a stronger inclination to inform about products before buying them – from products’ labels and nutritional charts – seem to be factors influencing the enthusiasm for yogurt.
From a strictly socio-demographic point of view, the yogurt consumer are, above all, women, adults under 64 years old and inhabitants for the northern regions of Italy.
Finally, it is worth remembering that the healthy components of yogurt, the most consumed fermented milk in the world: doesn’t matter if it is sheep, goat or buffalo milk, this product contain a remarkable quantity of high-quality protein, calcium, phospshorus, magnesium, zinc, B12 vitamin, riboflavin and niacin.