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Beyond the Expo: the World Food Forum receives its legacy

The Emilia Romagna region decided to receive the scientific legacy of Expo 2015, as fas as the global challanges linked to nutrition are concerned. About thirty researchers and experts from different countries (Italy, Germany, Holland, Austria, Canada, United States, Nigeria and Caribbean) started the first edition of the  World Food Research and Innovation Forum, which took place in the Italian pavilion at the end of September. The event was promoted by Emilia Romagna region and was intended to foster the enhancement of the Expo’s message and the values of Milano Declaration, first of all food as an essential human right.  This is a long-term initiative which goal is to promote the dialogue and the sharing of knowledge and researches in the field of food security and nutrition globally. According to the project, the forum should be organised every two years, in the odd years. Everything will be shared in a web platform. “Someone – says Stefano Bonaccini, president of Emilia Romagna region – would wonder why our region is in charge of the project. In these last years the European Union has funded 88 projects, for a total of 26 millions of euro, in the agricultur, fishing, food, biotechnology fields; these projects are equivalent to the 17% in a national level. An important contribution to innovation in these fields comes from our agricultural platform  Rete Alta Tecnologia (High Technology Network), a group of public research centres coordinated by Aster, a consortium of Emilia Romagna region for innovation and industrial research. The platform offers a qualified support for the development of new products and processes, the selection and characterization of semi-processed materials, the planning and validation of machinaries and installations for the productions and packaging of food”.


[In the picture, The Minister of Agriculture, Maurizio Martina, during his speech at the World Food Forum]