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The made in Italy dairy sector appreciated abroad

The export of the italian dairy products keeps being successful. Last year the italian export in this sector recorded 2,2 billions of euro, a real record, and more than 331 tons that went abroad.
Compared to 2013 (data are from Istat and are analysed by Ismea), the recorded increase was 3,3% in quantity and 4,8% in value, although ucranian crisis brought about an halve of shipments to Moscow and the euro, which is still stronger than the dollar, hasn’t encouraged commissions from the United States (-5,7% in quantity compared to 2013). According to Ismea, a new input comes from est-european markets, especially Poland, Cech Republic and Romania.
These countries have increased their import in quantity by 18%, 9% and 22%. Other significant signs, even though concerning small segment of the market,  come from China (+41%), Corea (+26%) and Emirates (+28%). As fas as the main importing countries are concerned, a positive trend comes from France (4,3%), Germany (+6,5%) and United Kingdom (+1,9%).
Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano, on the other hand, has recorded a higher increase in the UK (+9,1%), while good signs are coming from the german and french markets (respectively +3,7% and 2,1%) and lowered in the US (-5,2%). FInally, the Gorgonzola has been more appreciated in Holland (+13,9% in quantity) and in the UK (+7,3%).