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Food security: the dairy industries in US cooperate in the research against the listeria

The research aimed to increase the food security in US doesn’t stop. Especially the struggle to fight the Listeria, in other words the family of bacteria composed by ten species, one of these – the Listeria monocytogenes – being the cause of listeriosi, a illness that concerns humans and animals, often with serious consequences.

The members of the Innovation Center of the US Dairy are reinforce their struggle against this dangerous enemy. The action is leaded by a food security commission that has created the Consortium of Research on Listeria the last january, having as goal to pinpoint solutions based on scientific evidences able to protect consumers. “Consumers and customers need to be sure that the products they eat are healthy” said Tom Hedge, president of the food security commettee at the Innovation Center. “Our new research started recently aims to identify new levels of protection”.

The Consortium is financed by associated entreprises. Members that work with a cooperative attitude and face various challanges that the fight to the bacteria involves. The commission has choosen the best technologies available and the most efficient tools, in order to make the sharing of best practices possible and also the spread of education to the control of pathogenics. Moreover, in june, the commission asked to all researchers in the country to make their proposals.

“All dairy companies, no matters the size, can get gains from new tools against Listeria” says Tom Hedge, who is optimistic about the chance that new studies can identify solutions that make milk even more safe. The cooperation is the key to achieve this goal.

“It is unusual for a group of industries to organize and put together resources aimed to increase a sharing attitude and the education in order to achieve better results year after years. The cooperation among competitors can make a difference for a bigger common good”, says Hedge.