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Dairy sector, a british survey analyses 10 top trends

A report published in the english magazine  The Grocer put together ten unmissable and most recent news about the dairy industry. Topic are various: the british market, milk quota, the boom of the natural yoghurt and dairy producers from Latvia.

Higher attention for the enriched milk

According to a recent surveyby Harris Interactive, 44% of british consumers is interested in buying these products and among them, two thirds would be willing to spend more.

Low prices
In just five years, the prices of the milk and the butter decreased the 23% and 27% respectively.

The situation after the milk quote era

In the United Kingdom experts are afraid that small farmers will be forced to stop their business

New launches

Among the most evident trends in the industry are smaller packaging samples and local producers. But also a wider space for the gourmet offer of yogurt and quality cheese.

 Boom for natural yoghurt

In the last year the increasing demand of healthy products convinced this segment to boost sales of 12,4%.

The top 10 of new launches worldwide 

Acocding to the british magazine, the first place is for Camelicious, camel milk with strawberry and chocolate flavour, 100% natural and certified Halal.

First Milk, relaunch 

It is underway the corporate restructuring decided by the ceo  Mike Gallacher, who is trying to convince his partners to keep believing in the upswing of the cooperative company.

In the social media quality contents are the favourite 

Producing reliable and relevant contents is still the best strategy to appeal readers and customers.

Fornire contenuti affidabili e pertinenti resta la migliore strategia per attirare l’interesse dei clienti. Philadelphia and Activia are a good example.

Lithuanian dairy producers are coming

After the trade sanctions against Russia, Lithuanian dairy producers are looking at the western markets. In the last year Džiugas, a lithuanian cheese similar to  Parmigiano Reggiano, has recorded a sudden increase (20%) of sales abroad.

More investments in advertisement

The 10 main british advertisers increased the expense in traditional advertising of  19,5%, reaching 65 millions pounds.