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US and the mugging of Pecorino Romano Dop

Using a formula of european trademark and italian trademark, an american company got the permission to trade the sardinian and roman pecorino, and other products. This can be considered a theft of the license that took place in the registration offices and planned by the american company DiNicola. This operation, carried on in the dark of the european bureaucracy, could be a risk for the sardinian pecorino. The fact has been denounced by the deputy of Unidos, Mauro Pili. “Such an important production, that is the sardinian pecorino is stolen – says Mauro Pili – and the reason is a malfunctioning of the european trademark system. Behind the american brand Di Nicola, in fact, dairy products having the original italian label, such as Gorgonzola, Pecorino Sardo Romano, Parmesan, Asiago and Mozzarella. It is an economical disaster, because these labels are losing their exclusive rights on their productions. This is a green light for fake products”. The sardinian deputy has delivered an interrogation in order to denounce what happened in Bruxelles against the italian dop dairy products.

Pili asked the president of the Agricultural Commission to convene the delegates of the Consortium to be listened and to start legislative actions in order to protect the european label system. “We are talking about an attack on the label system waged by United States” says the deputy “the most booming market for pecorino romano. In the United States a protecting system for D.O.P. products simply doesn’t exist and the only way to gain the exclusive rights on european products is to use the entreprise labels registration system. That is what Andrea and Liborio Mugnolo has done: they registered also the Romano with the DiNicola label”. According to our researches the entreprise DiNicola doesn’t have a website and is active since 2011.