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UK: the dairy industry reduces the water consumption in the productive process

The necessity to reduce the consumpotion of water ressources which are used in several industrial sector is increasing more and more worldwide. Good news in this field are coming from UK, especially concerning the dairy sector. In this industry progresses have been done regarding the use of water resources during the productive process. The last report about the subject shows how british dairy industries are becoming increasingly efficient when using water resources: they have, in fact, reduced the use of water of 13% since 2008.

The Food and Drink Manufacturing Water Use Report explains that the reduction in water consumption amount to 0,2 cubic meters for each tonne of product, which is the relation used to describe the intensity of water exploitation. The saving come mainly from the use of more efficient cleaning systems, a better recognition of leaks and the prevention of waste as well as the awareness of the employees and the arrival of new technological processes, such as the reverse osmosis.

“This is a significant outcome for dairy companies if we consider that the production had a 15% increase, compared to the period of time used as benchmark in the report”, is the comment of Judith Bryans, Chied Executive of Dairy UK. “This progress shows the interest of the dairy industry in reducing its water consumption and achiving the goals of water reduction defined in the Dairy Roadmap”, says Bryans.


[Foto di Guy Montag]