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First positive two months for milk and dairy export in China

2017 definitely started off on the right foot for those importing from China: during the first two months of the year(source: CLAL), if compared to the same period of 2016, there was an increase in volume (+3,8%) and, most importantly, an increase in value (+16,2%) of milk and dairy export, with around 454.736 tons of products for 1 billion 406 thousands USD dollars, a sign that there is still plenty of room for development for the Asian giant.  Products with the better performances where milk for infancy, with a god 10,5% in volume, milk cream, with really interesting percentages both in terms of volume (30,2%), but mostly in terms of value (35,2%), cheese (14,5% increase in volume and e 16,7% in value) and serum powder (with a remarkable +40,5% in value).

As for milk powders, there are more than positive data regarding both skimmed milk powder (+4,2% in volume and a 19,4% increase in value compared to the same period of 2016) and whole milk powder (+3,9% in volume and a whooping +24,7% in value). Lactose for the food industry showed the best performances, with a 84,8% increase in volume and a 56,8% increase in value. Butter, as we already revealed in the last articles, experienced a decrease in sales volumes (-21,8%) although its value is substantially stable, reduced quantities notwithstanding (+0,7%). Unpackaged and packaged milk are both decreasing (-6,1% in volume and -5,4% in value) as well as caseinates (a huge collapse, with a -46,7% in volume and a 40,3% decrease in value). Yogurt and buttermilk are dropping only 13,6% in value.

February, milk and dairy export by volume

As for February data of this year compared to the same month of last year, Chinese export increased in volume for what concerns serum powder(+63%), whole milk powder(+50,8%), milk for infancy(+38,4%), cheeses(+36,4%), skimmed milk powder (+16.0%) and milk powder(+59,9%). Both yogurt and unpackaged milk are rallying (+37,5%). Volume decrease for butter is confirmed, although slightly better (-15.4%).