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Cheese exports from the European Union are on the rise

After all, last January was a positive month, if  compared to the same month of last year, for exports of some dairy and milk products form the European community: in terms of volume, milk cream exports increased (+21,8%), as did cheese exports (+13%), milk for infancy (+11,1%) and whole milk powder (+6,1%). We cannot say the same for other products:  we have seen a decrease in exports related to serum powder (-0,5%), skim milk powder (-7,8%), butter (-37,1%) and packaged and unpackaged milk (-1,3%) (Source: www.clal.it)

Cheese prices

In terms of value, prices per unit of EU exports for the 28 member countries for the month of January of this year, when compared to January 2016, increased for butter (+43,0%), whole milk powder (+24,4%) and skim milk powder (+9,8%), milk  serum powder (+4.4%) and milk cream (+1,5%).

On the other hand, prices decreased for cheeses (-1%), milk for infancy (-7,2%) and for unpackaged and packaged milk (-4%). Total value of exports by volume was 384.285 tons, basically equal (+0,2%) to the same month of previous year. Definitely better performances in terms of value, with a 10,3% increase. (Source: www.clal.it)

As for cheese export from the EU community during January, the United States were the major importers, with a 1% increase equal to 9,986 tons for a 16% share. Second place for Japan, with a 47% increase and 7,695 tons. Third exporter was South Korea, which took the place of Switzerland, now fourth however increasing its exports by 5%. The Asian country scores an excellent 53% after its decrease in 2016, passing from 2,934 tons in 2016 to 4,479 ton this year. Fifth place for Saudi Arabia with a 4% increase. Now, we are expecting a further increase given the fact that January 2016 was the least profitable month (September being the most generous one, the only month last year breaking the 70,000 t threshold).