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China, milk and dairy imports growing in 2016

Milk and dairy imports are growing in China: 2016 ended with an increase of imports for milk and dairy products equal to 20% in volume and 12% in value, which corresponds to 2,284,188 tons, and $6,620,000,000 (source: clal.it).

Major increases in volume have been shown in import data for yogurt and buttermilk (+104,3%) and condensed milk (+82.9%), with a good performance also for milk (36.5%) and powdered whole milk (20.9%). On the other hand, we saw a decrease for powdered skimmed milk (-7.9%). In terms of prices, condensed milk through the most in value (62.2%), followed by milk cream (54.4%), then yogurt and buttermilk (a 51.9%). Powdered whole milk saw in almost two-digit increase (9.3%). Prices for powdered skimmed milk on the other hand fell down (-23.4%), in line with their volume trend, as did data for serum powder (-13.9%). Imports for butter increased 14.9% in terms of volume and 14.2% in terms of value.

Milk and dairy imports:places of origin

Where are these milk and dairy products entering into the Asian giant from? Oceania’s leadership is almost  predictable, followed by European Union and North America.

Data from last month of 2016

Data (provided by clal.it) pertaining to the last month of the year just ended – if compared with data from December 2015 – are overall positive: we have a plus sign for powdered whole milk (+76.2%), milk for infancy products (+9.5%), cheese (+6.9%); on the other hand, we can see a negative sign for percentages related to serum powder (-6.9%), milk and cream (-17.2%), powdered skimmed milk (-26.8%) and butter (-27.3%).

Good news are also coming from retail prices, which increased during December for what concerns serum powder (+23,6%), butter (+17%), powdered skimmed milk (+6.9%) and milk and cream (+5,4%); a slight decrease for cheese (-0.7%), with a more decided downfall for infancy milk (-5,6%) and especially powdered whole milk (-12,4%).