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Five good reasons why one should consume sheep milk

Sheep milk is certainly well-known for its special qualities, its original flavour and the fact that it is truly unique and precious being a thousand-year old agricultural tradition of the Mediterranean region. But why is it really important to consume sheep milk?
There are at least five reasons
The first reason is that it contains more calcium and minerals (such as zinc) than other types of milk. Together with lactose and Vitamin D, which is present in almost double the quantity compared to cow’s milk, the calcium contained in sheep milk is of vital importance in preventing osteoporosis. Zinc is essential for maintaining healthy skin.
The second reason concerns the intake of vitamins, especially Vitamin B Complex and Vitamins A, D and E. Sheep milk is particularly rich in folic acid and Vitamin B 12 which are both important for preventing Spina bifida.
The third reason, although it may seem strange, regards fats. One needs to remember that the so-called “fats” are three soluble vitamins: A, D and E. Sheep milk has a higher content of these vitamins compared to cow’s milk and goat milk. In addition, sheep milk also contains a higher percentage of medium/short-chain fatty acids which is thought to lead to a greater absorption of lactose to the benefit of those who are slightly intolerant.
The fourth reason concerns whey proteins which are the most digestible amongst proteins found in milk.
The fifth reason regards proteins. While 80% of the proteins in cow’s milk is made up of caseins and 20% of whey protein, sheep and goat milk contains greater quantities of whey protein and therefore less caseins. This in turn affects protein tolerance. Whey proteins are heat sensitive; if exposed to high temperatures they are denatured.