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Milk and Dairy, good performances for UE exports

Milk and dairy products export from European Union Countries, during the period from January through February of this year, saw a +8% increase in volume and a substantially stable -0,6% in value. Among products that grew the most in terms of volume, we find caseinates on the top step of the podium, with butter as close and positive second boasting an excellent +113,4%, an increase of 37,4% from the same period in 2015; right after butter, we find milk and cream, with a 36,4% increase. Good performances also come from casein (14%) and cheese (13,8). Data related to low-fat powdered milk are decidedly negative (-18,7%), and condensed milk is no different (-27,1%). In terms of value, on the other hand, caseinates are drastically decreasing with a-6,5%. If we take into account the 3-digit leap in terms of volume. By contrast, data from butter are rallying (+29,6%), as well as those from milk and cream (+22,8%) and cheese (+3,7) (source: clal.it).

Export value was € 10.275.104 (down 0,6% from same period in 2015), while import value was € 508 million (down 0,4%), with a total active balance of € 9.688.000, a figure that is in any case lower than last year’s e 9.726.000.

European Union milk and dairy export for September

However, latest data show a recovery and give hope to surpass levels of 2015. Percentages related to export volumes are in the double-digit – from September of this year – for the vast majority of European Union milk & dairy products: from a 19,6% increase for milk and cream to a 16,9% increase for powdered serum, to a +14,1% for cheese and a +13,4% for butter, and also another increase of 13,3% for baby formula (source: clal.it).

Powdered milk performances keep following their trend and are definitely negative, with both skimmed-milk and whole milk both in the red (-21,6% and -23,2%, respectively.) In terms of prices, still in comparison with September 2016 and the same month from last year, we only see an increase for butter (+12,9%), powdered whole milk (+3,8%) and milk for infancy (+2,6%).