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A digital milk meter for sheep from Sardinia

Villanovafranca in the province of Cagliari has recently been home to the world premiere trial of a digital milk meter. The function of a digital milk meter is to measure milked sheep milk and analyse its fat content. This experiment was started on the initiative of the Regional Farmers’ Association of Sardinia (ARA Sardegna) in collaboration with AGRIS (Agricultural Research Agency of Sardinia), which has tested the new instruments in the company ‘Sanna e Saba’.

These new digital milk meters will replace the manual ones. They contain a specimen bottle that withdraws milk in such a way that it can be analysed in a laboratory of the place of provenance in addition to reaching consumers in the best of conditions.

The director of ARAS sees it as a real revolution as there is a vast difference between the two methods – in a nutshell it is comparable to the transition from hand milking to mechanical milking. In short, the new milk meters tell you instantly, and with absolute precision, how much milk a certain sheep produces. Not only is it entirely digital and enables you to read the data on a PC or smartphone, but it is undoubtedly an important tool for all livestock farms that implement genetic selection.

Sandro Lasi, president of the association, says he is not only convinced that these instruments will ensure that technology and sheep farming go hand in hand, but that thanks to this innovation, an enormous step forward is being taken given that digital milk meters provide information on the flow curve, conductivity and temperature of the milk.

Naturally the objective is to continue in the direction in which cutting-edge farms are moving, where not only the welfare of the animals and the manufacturers is protected but also that of the consumer, who is provided with more information on the product being bought.