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Sardinia – a trade organisation for sheep milk

An interprofessional committee for sheep milk. This could shortly become a reality in Sardinia despite the absence of Coldiretti, which has protested against widespread rumours about the prices of Pecorino that are in contrast to those reported by ISMEA. Sardinia’s Regional Councillor of Agriculture Elisabetta Falchi has announced the arrival of financial instruments to address problems related to this year’s extraordinary production of milk – a factor which is likely to have a negative effect on cheese and sheep milk prices.

During talks held at Oristano on 21 March of this year, the operational tools available to the committee were also discussed. One of the most important is the Regulatory Plan for the Supply of Pecorino Romano PDO which was presented by the protection consortium and approved on 9 March by MiPAAF.

Elisabetta Falchi reported that thanks to pressure on the ministry, the go-ahead was quickly given the green light – an important starting point which will be reviewed and fine-tuned with more discussion and involvement of all stakeholders.
Interventions being discussed with consortia for the protection of sheep cheeses and being studied by SFIRS mainly concern the activation of guarantee funds that allow food-processing companies to cope with the increased exposure required in order to pay farmers for milk and incur costs for longer product storage times.

The councillor continued that a regulatory in-depth analysis is underway to verify the compatibility of these measures with the legal framework of State aid.

Elisabetta Falchi also recalled the deliberation which approved modifications to the aid scheme in favour of internationalization of quality dairy sheep products required by the European Commission.

One now has to await the green light from Bruxelles in order to present the announcement so as to make it fully operational for the Protection Consortia which can thus implement all promotional actions to conquer new markets and consolidate existing ones.