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Prices of Sardinian sheep milk and cheese hit record high

Italian Pecorino is experiencing a boom according to a survey conducted by Coldiretti, with exports driving demand, and prices are naturally rising as a result. The Sheep and Goat Sector Observation report carried out by Laore Sardegna – an agency that deals with the implementation of regional programmes in the agricultural sector and for regional development – also confirms this, as does Ismea, with weekly surveys of producer prices and wholesale prices in Sardinia up to the last week of 2015.

In this favourable contest, Sardinian sheep milk and cheese in particular are delivering a record performance: 2015 was an excellent year for the price of milk – one euro per litre in Cagliari, with obvious positive effects on the price of cheese.

The price of sheep milk in 2015 was constantly higher than in 2014. In Cagliari, for instance, the price recorded from February to August remained stable at one euro per litre, 16.96% more compared to the same period the previous year. In Sassari, the price of sheep milk during 2015 fluctuated between 0.85 euros and one euro per litre, an increase of 17.47% compared to 2014.

This state of affairs has increased opportunities for Pecorino Romano – produced almost entirely in Sardinia – and Fiore Sardo to try to conquer major markets such as the Chinese and Japanese ones.

The price of Pecorino Romano in late December reached a new high. Fluctuating between 9 euros per kilo in Macomer and 9.5 euros in Cagliari, its average growth rate advanced between 4.07% and 4,55% compared to the same period in 2014. Even better was Sassari where the price reached 9.30 euros, an increase of 6.47%. These results bode well but should certainly be consolidated. An increase in the price of milk could give new impetus to investments in production capacity on farms without which an increase in the quantity of cheese produced is inconceivable.